Work Smart Dog Training

Success Stories

Tim and Work Smart Dog Training were a godsend to our family. Our dog Finn was a little "mouthy" even out of the puppy stage. He would go crazy, lose his mind and be out-of-control at times. We did the Board and Train with Tim when we went away on vacation. Tim was able to work with Finn to train him and teach him some new habits-"place", "sit", "heel" and more. He also worked with our family to teach AND empower us to train Finn. We learned that when Finn starting getting out-of-control-we could use "place" to reign him back in. That is just one of many things we learned. More than that-you can tell Tim's absolute love and passion for animals and training. He taught us so much in a short time; we are forever grateful and highly recommend Work Smart Dog Training!

-Anne M

Crystal, the Work Smart Dog trainer who worked 1-on-1 with our dog, Canelito, did an amazing job with our furry family member. We were amazed with the significant improvement our dog underwent in a short amount of time. Our dog would not listen to us before working with Crystal, but after returning, he was a completely transformed pup. He would listen upon calling him and was overall more calm. We are committed to doing our part to continue with Canelito's training. In summary, our family is very happy with our dog's everyday progress. Crystal has continued to reach out to ask for Canelito's update and we are all grateful to her. We look forward to continue to work with Work Smart Dog Training in the future as Canelito grows. Five stars isn't enough. Our lives have truly changed after our furry dog's training with Crystal.

-Jazmin C

Nothing but the highest praises for the hard work Crystal & Tim have put into the growth and success of this business. The work ethic both of these two have is admirable. Everything is done with a genuine love for the animals and it shows. They are punctual, great communicators and have very kind and empathetic dispositions. Crystal is an all around amazing teacher with patience that is unmatched. I refer them regularly to people I meet who need the best training for their dogs.

-Michelle V