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Who We Are

Our Foundation

Work Smart Dog Training is a Motivation-Based Dog Training Company which builds from the foundation of Trust, Respect, Loyalty and Love. 

Our Trainer(s) Mission

To train you how to have the greatest relationship with your dog accomplished through impeccable communication and behavioral understanding. 

Our Vision

Our vision at Work Smart Dog Training is to train every dog owner across the planet with tried and tested motivation-based training Disciplines, Techniques and Technologies. 

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- Your dog is pulling on the leash

- Your dog is jumping up

- You need to train your new dog

- Your dog barks uncontrollably

- Your dog is chewing things they shouldn't be

- Your dog gets over stimulated and can't calm down


- Your dog is digging all the time

- You feel powerless to control your dog

- Your dog is acting aggressive

- Your dog is crying ( whining ) constantly at you and others

- Your dog has a certain fear of people, places or sounds


- You desire a dog who listens and obeys you

- You are looking for a better relationship with your dog

- You want to be less stressed with your dog

- You want training for some other behavior not listed here

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Positive Reinforcement & Motivation

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the Study of Motivation and what we find in our dog training is motivated owners & their dogs perform better, longer and more reliably long-term. 

Our training is centered around The Work Smart Principle : Long-term learning of new behaviors only takes place through positive reinforcement and motivation based training approaches. 

Behavior Science Discipline  

At Work Smart Dog Training we train you to see through the eyes of your dog to build perspective into how they learn and are motivated . Once you understand how your dog learns and is motivated then you'll be able to train them anything you want them to do long-term. 

What your Work Smart Dog Trainer Will Help You Answer : 

  1. What behavior am I observing ?
  2. What motivates this behavior ? 
  3. How can I motivate my dog to do the behavior I want them to do ? 
  4. How can I reinforce this behavior to achieve long-term results ? 

Smart Techniques

Clicker Technique


Our Clicker Technique provides you with the accuracy, understanding and consistency to provide the best marker communication in the dog training field. 

Lure Reward Technique


Our Lure Technique provides an opportunity for you to understand shaping behaviors at a whole new level for all obedience requests. 

Natural Technique


Our Natural Technique looks at your dog as they were designed and takes into account how you as the owner can tap into this by natural environmental structuring. 

Differential Conditioning


Differential classical conditioning means providing rewards at times when a dog is displaying desired behaviors (no jumping, sitting ) and  owner provides verbal praise or a less valued reward when the dog displays behaviors that we don't desire. 


Classical Conditioning


Classical conditioning means a word you use is associated with something it otherwise originally was evoked by another stimulus. This provides the platform for automatic or reflexive learning to take place in your dog. 

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Smart Technologies

Haiti Nose Harness


We Offer and Train you exactly how to use this effective and gentle walking tool to eliminate walks that feel like your being pulled across the world. 

Gentle Leader


We Offer and Train you how to use this walking tool for more sensitive dog's to gain the peaceful walk you both want and deserve. 

Martingale Collar


Perfect for the very obedient dog that needs a small amount of touch up on the walk. Its simple, gentle and a great way to be on a peaceful walk down the beach, lake or side walk. 

Slip Lead


We Offer and Train you exactly how to hold and use this quick and effective tool for Very Powerful Breed's and for the physically fit owners looking for show quality walks that will be inspiring to watch.  

Back Harness


We Offer and Train you how to use this tool to show your BIG PULLER how to really use those muscles constructively and not on your drag town walk. Let us show you how to use this technology to your advantage working smart. 



We Offer and Train you how to use this tool to show your Tug Train Pup how to really use a retractile for what it was designed for SEARCH and Rescue. After this this training your dog will understand a beautiful heel. 

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