Kathy Bissenden-Smoot

My work smart trainer was at my home for 1 1/2 to work with my 15 MO, 5 lb Yorkie on behavior. We adopted her mom in March, 10 months after we got the puppy. The pup would not let the Mom off of the sofa. Today, my husband found them sleeping in the same dog bed and the older Yorkie was walking around for hours and they both greeted me at the door when I got home. A miracle.

Brian Ingram

I had a great conversation with a work smart training specialist about how they train their dogs and some advice on what to do with my 4 month old chihuahua/Dotson mix regarding positive reinforcement and other useful information.  They definitely know how to train and were a pleasure to speak to ! 

David Carver

What a great session today. My work smart trainer came by the house and it was a great experience. Great guy too. Definitely got my money's worth. Already seeing positive results thanks to work smart dog training. Will recommend y'all to everyone.

‎Charlotte Venable‎

I am so lucky I found my card for Work Smart Dog Training" today !! I spoke to a work smart training specialist about my five year old Labradoodle, Bailey. They gave me many options , were very knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable trusting them with my dog. I am happy to say we have an appointment this Friday!

Heather Murray

Our work smart trainer has worked with our 4 month old pup "Jerry" and of course has trained us on how to behave properly with Jerry. What a fantastic trainer and their demeanor towards Jerry and us has been nothing short of a blessing. We look forward to working with WSDT again in the near future to achieve even greater results. We highly recommend WSDT to anyone who has either basic training or advanced behavioral needs in their pack!