Kathy Bissenden-Smoot

My work smart trainer was at my home for 1 1/2 to work with my 15 MO, 5 lb Yorkie on behavior. We adopted her mom in March, 10 months after we got the puppy. The pup would not let the Mom off of the sofa. Today, my husband found them sleeping in the same dog bed and the older Yorkie was walking around for hours and they both greeted me at the door when I got home. A miracle.

Brian Ingram

I had a great conversation with a work smart training specialist about how they train their dogs and some advice on what to do with my 4 month old chihuahua/Dotson mix regarding positive reinforcement and other useful information.  They definitely know how to train and were a pleasure to speak to ! 

David Carver

What a great session today. My work smart trainer came by the house and it was a great experience. Great guy too. Definitely got my money's worth. Already seeing positive results thanks to work smart dog training. Will recommend y'all to everyone.

‎Charlotte Venable‎

I am so lucky I found my card for Work Smart Dog Training" today !! I spoke to a work smart training specialist about my five year old Labradoodle, Bailey. They gave me many options , were very knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable trusting them with my dog. I am happy to say we have an appointment this Friday!

Heather Murray

Our work smart trainer has worked with our 4 month old pup "Jerry" and of course has trained us on how to behave properly with Jerry. What a fantastic trainer and their demeanor towards Jerry and us has been nothing short of a blessing. We look forward to working with WSDT again in the near future to achieve even greater results. We highly recommend WSDT to anyone who has either basic training or advanced behavioral needs in their pack!

Paige Rinker

Work Smart Dog Training, to thank you is an understatement! I have watch many videos online and often wonder how “accurate” they are! Is this a real dog in training or a trained dog helping to promote a business, trainer, etc. So, making the decision upon a wonderful friends recommendation, I am speechless! I absolutely loved your approach, technique and genuine love for animals and people to help create a very happy family. Having been in rescue for close to 10 years,, I have learned so much and helped many. However, there is a huge difference in training and rescuing. We so love our animals which all are rescues and their unrelenting love. I was in disbelief that within the first 15 minutes of your being here, your techniques had Cooper obeying and wanted to learn. I know that Cooper is a very very loving boy but we made the mistake with him early and not setting boundaries or staying consistent with training. This didn’t make him a “bad” dog but it did create chaos when someone would come in the home or trying to play outside. I am still amazed rethinking your visit yesterday. Simple techniques with positive reinforcement had Cooper and Rio in the palm of your hands. It is without any doubt that you are very committed in what you do, your love for animals and your desire to do anything it takes to help the owner(s) help retrain and have a happy dog that wants to obey. I am grateful for Robin Lawrence telling me about you and cannot wait to do this journey with you and our boys!


Miriam Esquivel

My Work Smart Trainer was very knowledgeable and a patient trainer. They really listened to our concerns, and gave us straightforward answers. Hired them to work with our 16 months mastiff was a family decision that we are glad we made.

Adria Smith

Where to begin... so many good things to say about Tim.. in a very short time, he helped our family learn how to work with a puppy we felt was untrainable!! He really understands the whys of dog behavior and helps us humans “speak” dog. We have three small dogs, two bully breeds and Tim is helping us all live in harmony. Needless to say, the little dog I thought was untrainable, is now my favorite little buddy!!

Tammey Horner-Snodgrass

 We have an english bull with aggressive behavior and a french bull who thinks he is a great dane! LOL! In just a few months of training with Work Smart Dog Trainer we have seen incredible results. After training today we were able for the first time take them to the lake on there leashes TOGETHER! We never thought we would see this day!!!!

Dr. Debra Gray King

You cannot find a better option for dog training. The people at Work Smart are consummate "dog people". My Work Smart Dog Trainer has such an incredible connection with dogs in-general and especially with my sweet Cali! He understands communication with dogs in a way I have seldom seen and matches it with unparalleled patience!


Ankit V.

My Work Smart Trainer was extremely methodical, detailed in training my dog. I have not seen many trainers send out detailed notes on what was discussed during training session. Appreciate the help there. Strongly recommended!

Tammey S.

My Work Smart Trainer had such positive reinforcement when training the pups which in turn training is enjoyable for myself learning to train my Frenchie Ernie and Bully Earl. The patience he exhibits when training them to do what is asked shows how much he loves what he does and makes such a positive connection with the boys. Highly recommend!!!!!!!

Brian R.

When we rescued Stella (Great Pyrenees), we had no idea how much work we had in front of us. Stella, as a rescue, was mistreated and abused and she needed a lot of help acclimating to a new life. We were at wits end with how to help her. In comes my Work Smart Trainer, a champion of patience, positive attitude, and real know how. My Work Smart Trainer has been just an incredible guide for Stella and our family. We HIGHLY recommend Work Smart Dog Training!! Just an amazing dog training company with trainers who love their job and have the compassion of a saints! Thank you Work Smart Dog Training for everything!!!

Tillman S

My Work Smart Trainer was amazing . I highly recommend them !

Laurie E.

I cannot say enough positive things about Work Smart Dog Training.  They turned our dog Belle around in the very first session.  She's too smart for her own good sometimes & we joke that if she had ten fingers, she'd be online watching YouTube cat/dog videos all day!  Belle could hear his car coming down our cul-de-sac & she would RUN to greet him.  Our adorable puppy learned some valuable manners!)  I have recommended Work Smart Dog Training to multiple friends & they've all had similar results.  Thank You!

Adria S.

My Work Smart Dog trainer is beyond amazing in so many ways!!  His passion for helping people with their pets is obvious/ he shows up ready to train both humans and animals!  I didn’t this little guy (Bentley) would ever be tolerable and with our trainers direction and patience, Bentley has actually become a pretty great dog! Thanks, Work Smart Dog Training!!!


Brian Rosen

We rescued a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy (70 lbs) with some issues related to being mistreated. I have raised 2 labs and felt I knew how to parent, but I hit a brick wall with 'how' to guide this amazing creature to a happy, fulfilling life. Then I was introduced to Work Smart Dog Training and they simply saved us. Through positive reinforcing and diligence, Stella is on the road to confidence, self awareness, and happiness. I HIGHLY recommend The Work Smart Dog Training Team. Don't hesitate! Rescue/adopt! And when you do, reach out to WSDT for the guidance you and your family needs!  Thank you Work Smart Dog Training!!