Certified Dog Trainers



All of our Senior Lead Work Smart Dog Trainers have completed college-level degree program's and completed extensive continuous training as listed below before they begin training with you : 

  1. Associates Degree : Psychology (Minimum Requirement)
  2. Science-Based Dog Training (with  Feeling) 3 days - Dr. Ian Dunbar 
  3. Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training - Dr. Ian Dunbar 
  4. Dog and Cat Behavior Problems - Dr. Ian Dunbar 
  5. 500 WSDT Dog Training Hours Completed (Minimum Requirement)
  6. Growl Class Workshop - Dr. Ian Dunbar 
  7. Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression Biting and Fighting - Dr. Ian Dunbar.
  8. Member : Association Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) 
  9. Work Smart 5 Basics : Walking , Waiting , Exercise to Minimize , Freedom of Recall and Behavior Signals. 

WSDT Literature List 2019

  1. Before and After getting your Puppy - Dr. ian Dunbar 
  2. How Dog's Learn - Mary R. Burch PhD & Jon S. Bailey PhD 
  3. The Power of Positive Dog Training - Pat Miller
  4. Decoding Your Dog :  American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and Karen White
  5. On Talking Terms with Dogs Calming Signals -  Turid Rugass
  6. Barking : The Sound of a Language (Dog Wise Training Manual) - Turid Rugass
  7. Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0 - Grisha Stewart , MA ., CPDT  
  8. Getting a Grip on Aggression Cases - Nicole Wilde CPDT

Please feel free to call us and ask us about our continuing education approach to training ! 

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